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Julie Mancuso, Registered Health Nutritionist


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Julie Mancuso is a registered Toronto nutritionist, counsellor, weight loss

expert and much more, who receives outstanding reviews for her personalized, supportive

approach that gets her clients results, no matter the goal.

At JM Nutrition we combine the latest in nutrition research along with the best, most effective

elements of various approaches into unique, comprehensive packaged sessions that are

realistic, attainable and sustainable in the long-term, and designed to make sure you reach

your goals in a healthy way, without being deprived of essential nutrients.


JM Nutrition is partnered with Venngo, Canada’s leading provider of corporate discounts, to

offer members special pricing. Certified teachers receive additional discounts.



Packages & Pricing

Personalized packaged sessions with meal plans expertly designed to meet your individual

and specific nutrition goals.


Workshops & Seminars

JM Nutrition offers a wide array of nutrition workshops and seminars to suit the needs of

individuals and companies alike.


Online Counseling

You can now take advantage of JM Nutrition’s services no matter where you live. Read more

about online nutrition counseling.


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